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Here are some replies to frequently asked questions. If whatever you want to know isnt covered below, just give us a call on 0800 Turn You On and well be more than happy to shoot the breeze.

Q - How much will it cost?
A - Good question, well take a look at your job and provide you with a free quote before carrying out any work so you will know what to budget. Otherwise, we have a list of estimates on our Prices page.

Q - How much will a heat pump cost to install in my house?
A - We tell customers to budget a minimum of $2500 but really it all depends on the size of your house and how much heat you are after. Were happy to provide you with a free quote so dont hesitate to call us.

Q - How do I get a free quote from you?
A - Its as easy as picking up the phone and dialing 0800 Turn You On or you could send us an email with a quote request or alternatively, we have an online contact form on our Contacts page, just fill it out and well be in touch.

Q - What happens if I have an emergency in the small hours of the morning, is it okay to call Turn You On for help?
A - You bet it is, we offer 24 hour a day help when you need it.

Q - Why havent I heard of Turn You On before?
A - Because we formerly operated as T Grigg Electrical. We have a new identity and a new team with a great deal of experience and we're out to make a name for ourselves. That means we will provide you with stunning service, competitive pricing and a winning smile. That way youll be sure to tell your friends that we turned you on and did a great job of it.

Q - Do you handle commercial work as well as residential?
A - We sure do, our electricians have a wealth of knowledge about the commercial sector and would be only too happy to take a look at whatever commercial work you need completed.

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